We provide a positive space for the youth to build sustainable confidence, through our signature 3-step hollistic communication skill development program.


Our Beginning

Speak Up! Project (formerly known as Aiman Azlan Academy) is a social enterprise founded by Aiman Azlan in 2015. Since 2011, he has traveled around Malaysia and beyond Malaysia to speak to the youth on various social and spiritual topics. Among many things, he noticed that many youths lack one key element: self-confidence.  


“In order to change the world, we must first change our world.”



Lack of self-confidence is especially an issue with the youth when it comes to soft skills, especially in communication. Using that as a focus point, Aiman started the Speak Up! Project to develop sustainable confidence that will not be easily shaken. Our signature 3-step holistic communication skill development program was designed as the beginning of the journey towards sustainable confidence. 


Our Mission

We want to trigger a culture of support and positivity in which the youth are confident enough to communicate their thoughts and opinions cohesively, coherently, and compassionately. To achieve that, we believe the youth needs to be equipped with sustainable confidence and great soft skills, especially communication skills.  



Age range considered youth in Malaysia (NYDP 1997), will change to 15-30 age range (MYP 2018)


Employers identified poor English command as a top reason for graduate unemployment (JobStreet 2013)


Companies rate communication skills as the major skill deficit in graduates (TalentCorp 2014)


Since our inception, we have helped over 500+ youths, with no intentions of stopping. In 2017, we have refined our focus to establish ourselves in the northern region of Peninsula Malaysia, targeting the youth from 16 - 30 age range. By 2020, we will be the main provider of sustainable confidence and communication skill development program in this region, one step at a time.

I feel shy to use English in my communication because I think that I am not good enough. I am scared of making mistakes and I keep thinking about what others will say about me. Speak Up! Project helped me a lot to overcome those problems.
— Alia Munierah, 23
Speak Up! Project will guide you on how to develop your self-confidence and communication skills. My thesis presentation went well and I secured a job after only one interview.
— Zainul Fahmi, 24
Speak Up! Project has impacted my way of thinking ever since I joined. I am grateful how I am able to see life in a beautiful perspective now. Surprisingly, this English program has helped me in my Arabic studies!
— Wan Zarith Illiyana, 22

Get Involved

In all honesty, we could not have done what we have done without the help of volunteers. They help us make sure the events we organized run smoothly and the participants get the most out of the experience. So we welcome all volunteers with open arms.

Come join the family!